August 2010

This site is our homage to Murphy and Leyna, our two German Shepherds. These are two of the best dogs in the world. Ok, we might be a bit biased. Really, who doesn’t think they have great pets? Plenty of people love their pets and think they’re the best, while other people look at those animals and think “ewww”… Ours are different. Our neighbors think so too, which is really the ultimate test. The most common comment we get is “I don’t know how you do it, my dog would be …” and they go on to describe some unruly or destructive behavior while watching Murph and Leyna peacefully lay in the grass.

We got Murphy in 1998 at 10 weeks of age, a little over a month after we bought our first home. From the start, we knew he was special. He’s the kindest, most gentle Shepherd that we’ve ever seen. He’s lived a very full life that most dogs could only dream of, as you’ll see in the photos on this site. He’s 12½ years old now. He’s starting to have some trouble getting around, but he’s still full of life.

Leyna is our 10 month old trouble maker. We got her on May 18th, 2010 at 17 weeks old. While it’s too early to tell if she’ll be as special as Murphy has been, she’s well on her way. We’ve already started showing her a bit of the “doggy good life” that Murph has known, and she loves it.

June 2011

Murphy is no longer with us after 13+ wonderful years. Click here for our remembrance of him. The site will carry on with our adventures with Leyna, who’s now 17 months old.

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