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Cody & Leyna’s Most Excellent Adventure Part 2

Cody & Leyna’s Most Excellent Adventure Part 2 Cody & I are still having a BLAST! We have been running, playing and exploring all weekend long! This weekend has been so much fun! Playtime! (1m 44s)

Cody & Leyna’s Most Excellent Adventure Part 1

My cousin Cody is over for the weekend! w00f! My other cousin Jack, is with his Mommy and Daddy at Sesame Place in PA, so Cody gets to play with me ALL weekend long! We’re having a BLAST! Plus, there are 3 videos! 2 of Cody and I Playing Frisbee and 1 of Cody Splashing […]

Lake George Weekend, Summer 2011

Boy, those swimming lessons sure paid off! Swimming in Lake George was GREAT, but I’m sure glad I got to practice in Mixville Pond first! Friday night brew’s at John Barleycorn’s Irish Pub & Grille, Saturday Swimming at the Million Dollar Beach on Lake George and Frisbee at Battleground Park, Sunday Lunch at The Docksider […]

Learning How To Swim at Mixville

Learning how to swim in the pond at Mixville Park…

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